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External Resource: Importance of Benefits Management

This is a recorded session from APM which features three speakers talking about the importance of benefits management from different perspectives within the Yorkshire Building Society

The importance of benefits management webinar Monday 18 May 2020 presented by Dean Rowley, Dominic Bird and Paul Howley
Yorkshire Building Society has implemented and (over the last few years) matured a benefits management framework that has reduced risks of not realising planned benefits and through an assurance and confidence approach, helps better inform how they invest their members’ money.
Their framework ensures:
  • Benefits are being shaped effectively in the early stages of a change and consistently revisited throughout the lifecycle and post-implementation.
  • Owners of benefits are identified and sign off the benefits within the change.
  • Benefits management standards, reporting and performance management are consistently applied.

In this webinar presented on Monday 18 May 2020, the speakers outlined some of their journey, practices, successes and challenges as well as answering your questions from the perspectives of a benefits manager, PMO manager, sponsor, benefit owner and senior responsible owner of all change and associated benefits.

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