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Benefits Management: For or Against?

In this session, we take a closer look at benefits management and benefits realisation.
Just what are the expectations of the PMO when it comes to benefits management? How do we prioritise? Should we be reporting it, and if so what?
Or is there a case for the PMO not supporting benefits management? Would it make that much difference?
We were joined by Subash Tavares, the Founder and MD of thevirtualpmo, who talks about the realities of benefits management and the role of the PMO – sharing his experiences from Thames Tideway, Lower Thames Crossing, TfL Major Projects Directorate and other major programmes. He also covered what, how and why we in the PMO need to be at the core of benefits realisation. 
This session also featured our first attempt at a debate – find out how we got on and what we learnt.

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