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The Value Management Office

There’s a new book available for PMO practitioners – especially those that are interested in the Agile approaches to delivering change. From PMO to VMO: Managing for Change Delivery has been authored by Sanjiv Augustine, Roland Cuellar and Audrey Scheere – all three work for an agile transformation firm in the US called Lithespeed.
The book focuses on the areas that businesses need to focus on to ensure a smoother journey to realising business agility in their operations. They call out seven specific areas (see below) with one being the Agile Value Management Office (VMO)
If you’ve been following the sessions we’ve done already on Agile and DevOps you will already be familiar with some of the concepts such as ‘value streams’ and ‘flow’.
You’ll also see addressed in this session areas such as adaptive planning and the problems around funding cycles.
If your organisation are looking at an agile transformation and the PMO wants to understand more about what this actually means and what could be expected of the PMO, the book is a nice introduction to the topic. There’s also some resources available to continue your reading and research.

Video Session


The Session Deck

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Extra Resources

The book -From PMO to VMO – Managing for Value Delivery can be purchased here.
The whitepaper – From Project Management to Value Management via the Agile VMO can be downloaded here.
The Agile Executive Series paper called Scaling Agile can be downloaded here.
And the Business Agility – Seven Transformational Sparks can be downloaded here.

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