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The Role of an Effective PMO in Successful Project and Programme Delivery

PMO Learning’s Eileen Roden presented a session at the British Computer Society (BCS) The Chartered Institute of IT’s offices in Covent Garden, London. We’ve added this session to the PMO Flashmob website because we think you might like the content.

The BCS PROMS-G event is the meetup for project management practitioners working in IT

The event saw attendance from both project managers and PMO practitioners and Eileen’s session focused on a couple of things.

First the role an effective PMO can play in driving and supporting successful delivery, from setting up the organisation’s delivery infrastructure and ecosystem to pure administrative support (and everything in-between). It also covered how project managers engage with the PMO and identified how best the PMO can help, within the context of their other roles across the organisation.

Second, the session also looked at some of the challenges when dealing with PMOs (particularly an ineffective PMO) and explored strategies and tactics to get the best from them.

The session was recorded and is available to view:

The evening event started off with some work for the attendees, they were asked to grab three post-it notes and add their thoughts to the three areas:

  • On the pink one, and write down something you would like your PMO to stop doing
  • On the yellow one, and write down what you think is the most valuable thing your PMO does for you
  • On the green one, and write down what you would like your PMO to start doing

Here are the fascinating posts from the evening:

Links to Additional Resources

There were a couple of things mentioned in the presentation session and here are the links to those:

The Agile PMO Report from PMO Flashmob

The Lean-Agile PMO course from PMO Learning

The Seven Habits of Effective PMO Practitioners

Finally, if you like looking at a summary of the talk, take a look at the visual notes (three pages) from Lindsay (Da Vinci it ain’t):


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