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The PMO’s First 90 Days – Post COVID-19

In last week’s #PMOwfh we took inspiration from the bestselling book, The First 90 Days from Michael D. Watkins.
John has done a great write up about the book itself and you should head over there immediately for a great read.
The book specifically focuses on critical success strategies for starting a new role as a leader.
We thought how useful is this as we emerge from the pandemic so we set about getting PMO practitioners to think about this themselves.
Whether you are a contractor starting a new gig, or a PMO person returning from a period of being furloughed, or you’re going to be starting something completely new in a permanent role – we explore the first 90 days.
How will you create value? What are you there to do? What is your mandate? What do key stakeholders expect of you… over what time-period? How will your performance be measured?
The critical success strategies outlined fall into 9 key areas:
Promote yourself
Accelerate your learning
Match strategy to the situation
Secure early wins
Negotiate success
Achieve alignment
Build your team
Build coalitions
Keep your balance
To find out more about each area you should really head over to [The first 90 days are crucial to success post Covid19] You can also watch John deliver his 10-in-10 – 10 slides in 10 minutes, a regular feature each week, great for those with attentions that wander.

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