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The Adaptive PMO

I’ve been hearing the term ‘adaptive PMO’ for a while and wanted to pull some bits together from various places that help us to understand what is meant by that term. It’s simple really:  
Of course the PMO should be changing and flexing to serve the business and the programme and project elements.
It requires a few things – the most important perhaps is understanding how the business is changing, in what direction it’s heading. Then there’s the act of flexing and changing the PMO itself – the who, what, why, where, when and hows come into it.
There’s already a lot of work available for you to read, especially around business agility and principles here at PMO Flashmob.
When I was asked to speak at a conference in Slovenia earlier this year, I was able to pull together many different aspects of a PMO being adaptive – all from the meetups and events we’ve held at PMO Flashmob over the last few years.

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