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PMO Stand Up \\ Setting Up a PMO

It’s another of our 12 Stand Up for PMO Days Before Christmas and some insights from our first PMO Unconference from Manchester.
With an Unconference the agenda of the day is set by the people who participate. When they arrived at the venue, they were asked to jot down their current challenges around the four areas – setting up a PMO; running a PMO; shutting PMO down and evolving and energising PMO.
We then used some of these for the World Cafes.
During the course of the day we had two World Cafe breakout sessions – conveniently in the bar area so we called it Breakout at the Bar. If you’re not familiar with the World Cafe idea, essentially when we do them at PMO Flashmob events it consists of a table with a cover which can be scribbled on; chairs for people to sit down and a theme chosen for people to talk about. As you talk, you scribble stuff down. You don’t know if these scribbles are useful, it’s just a way of capturing points which you think are interesting or could be useful.
The idea at the end of the discussion is to pick out what were deemed to be useful insights based on what the people around that table think are worth sharing with others.
At the PMO Unconference we captured these on an ah-ha board  (as in, ah-ha that’s interesting!)
In this post we share some insights from the table themes around setting up a PMO

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