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Is Project:Hack for the PMO Practitioner?

Been hearing a lot about Project Data Analytics recently? Yes us too! It’s one of those things we see every so often in PMO (portfolio management, benefits, Agile have been just some of them over the years) which (a) we need to know about because it’s part of our job to know everything about project delivery (b) it has the potential to be disruptive, a big game-changer for the PMO.
We’ve been looking to the leaders in this field to help educate us. Martin Paver and the team at Project Data Analytics Meetup have been brilliant at helping us understand – inviting us in and allowing us to ask daft questions until we can start to make sense of it. Some of the things we’ve seen really is mind-blowing.
We had the pleasure of having Martin speak to PMO Flashmob a few weeks ago and until that session is ready to share, we wanted to tell you about a recent weekend we sponsored that Martin runs a few times a year.
Project:Hack It was a first for us – no idea what to expect and even feeling nervous and slightly out of our depths.

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