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Project Data Analytics and the PMO

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be fascinated by all the talk about project data analytics and what can be achieved with data science. You’re probably feeling slightly overwhelmed with it all too – data models; analysis, visualisation – gosh where to start?!

In March, the PMO Flashmob Mini-Masterclass was all about Project Data Analytics. Presented by Martin Paver, pretty much the go-to guy for data analytics in a project context, we got 90 minutes of a rollercoaster of a ride.

Martin gave us a really great overview of:

  • How data is being used in projects at the moment
  • The technology that drives analytics – AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning
  • The foundational knowledge you need
  • Loads of brilliant examples of how this all works in a project environment
  • How to get prepared for a project data analytics – plus the pros and cons
  • And how project data analytics figures in our world – the PMO:

  Watch the session and see the presentation from the evening – be prepared to have your socks knocked off.  

The Video Session

The Presentation

Project Data Analytics

The Next Step

If you’re interested in learning more about getting started with Project Data Analytics, you can join Martin for the one-day Introduction to Project Data Analytics which takes place on Wednesday 12th June as part of the pre-conference classes for the PMO Conference 2019. [Find out more about the day] Project Data Analytics

Join us for Project:Hack

We’re sponsoring the next Project:Hack which takes place on the 29-30th June in London. [We wrote about the last one and why we’re sponsoring it here]

Join us and let’s create a PMO Flashmobber Hack group for the weekend to really get into how Project Data Analytics and the PMO will thrive and make all our lives easier! Project:Hack - June To keep up to date with developments in this area [connect with Martin] and [take a look at the Project Data Analytics Meetups]  

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