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PMOs – The Walking Talking Lessons Learnt

Just like the first PMO Flashmob two years ago, the first PMO Flashmob in Birmingham was a cosy affair. We had the opportunity to speak together as one group which is certainly something we can’t do anymore in London because the network has become so much bigger.
We’re sowing the seeds in Birmingham and its only a matter of time before the great and good of the Midlands will join us at future events.
So last night. We had so many different conversations from systems and tools, through to the likes and dislikes of the job and some thoughts about where the PMO should be working in the future. The interesting thing about getting PMO practitioners together is regardless of the type of PMO you are working in or managing there is always something you’ll take away from the discussions. In fact at one point it felt like a PMO support group!
So what were my takeaways from the first PMO Flashmob in Birmingham?
A few things.

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