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PMO Flashmob Bans “Added Value”

Last week it was the APMG Showcase, an annual event that showcases the APMG products. It’s a mix of expo, masterclasses, keynotes and something called “birds of a feather” sessions.
These are just a roundtable discussion for about 45 minutes on a given topic. The PMO Flashmob hosted two sessions. We started out just getting an understanding of who people were and what their pain points might be in their PMO today. Like any random session like this, we had no idea who was going to sit down and start chatting – a bit like a PMO Flashmob in other words – so we had no idea what direction it might take.
Needless to say we came away with loads more questions which would work particularly well at a future PMO Flashmob event – in fact, why not come along to the next one and we’ll try some out on you 🙂
One of the takeaways for me was BANNING the phrase “VALUE ADD”and “ADDING VALUE” in relation to PMOs.

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