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PMO Slashie

Driving home last night there was a piece on the radio that was covering recent research that 320,500 self-employed people in the UK are working two or more jobs.

I think it’s likely to be a lot more than that but the report, by the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE), is probably covering a particular section of society because it also goes on to state that 7% have also gone on to launch additional businesses. (There are some decent resources on their website if you’re thinking about being a contractor IPSE) Having a second. .third. . .fourth. . . self-employed job has picked up the term “side hustle” or “slashie” as in “I’m an IT guy/blogger/speaker/landscape gardener”.

It’s nothing new either, a portfolio career or multi-hyphenate career have been a ‘thing’ for a while now – mainly born out of the fact that there are fewer jobs for life now and its a necessity financially and for some, it’s about doing something they love, something a little riskier than their ‘main job’.

So what’s all this got to do with PMO?

Good question. It got me thinking about this from a slightly different angle.

I’ve met loads of people over the years who are working in PMO. When I think back to the different events we’ve done and people I’ve chatted with, it’s always fascinating to hear what people do outside of work too.

There’s been quite a lot of PMO people who do extra jobs or interests outside of work that has had a positive effect on their PMO career – even though what they’re doing has nothing to do with PMO.

I’ve met loads of people who are involved in the running of clubs and associations – sometimes sports related, community-based or professional associations. There’s a benefit for having someone who knows a thing or two about organising stuff on board; for the PMO professional it’s also a great experience for problem-solving in different environments and dealing with different types of people.

Then there’s the arty set – the ones who are playing in bands, being part of choirs, painting and creating stuff. That creative side of them having an outlet and also bringing in creativity to the day job.

It’s interesting how different aspects of us can be developed away from ‘work’ and how we can bring that into the workplace to benefit what and how we do things.

Others tap into their inner geek and find time to hang out at meetups and hacks; I’ve met others that have online shops, buying and selling vintage gear; others making money from tutoring and coaching.

Then there are the parents amongst you; providing taxi services, counselling sessions, mediation, chef, sleep whisperer and then the whole school engagement thing and PTAs.

There’s a whole host of ‘jobs’ that PMO professionals are taking on in addition to the PMO thing – and that just made me think about all these additional skills and experiences that are getting picked up and hopefully helping in the PMO career side of things.

When we think about a career in PMO today, the diversity of it, the different levels it can operate at and the different services it provides to help and support the business – a PMO requires a multi-faceted team. A team with different strengths and personalities; a group of people with different takes on life.

The thing is, are you really aware of what the people in your team could bring to their work based on the other passions and interests they have in their life. Something to think about and have a bit of fun finding out just what their slashies are.

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