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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Closing Keynote – PMO 3.0 – Digital PMO: Complexities, Customers, Canines and Bi-lingual Chickens – Ralf Finchett

We know the change environments we work in are getting increasingly complex and fast-paced, we hear it all the time but what is the PMO supposed to make of that, and more crucially, what should we be doing? We understand that digital is all the rage but isn’t that for all the smaller start-ups and trendy Silicon Valley hotshots? If we ignore it, is the PMO heading towards extinction?

If we want to embrace it, where do we even start?

Ralf Finchett has been around the PMO scene for over 15 years, he speaks from his broad experience of actually doing the PMO role, across many industries, multiple continents and in Digital delivery environments.

In this closing keynote, Ralf who started @PMOPlanet over ten years ago, Chief Agile Pragmatist and PMO Legend shares his PMO Digital Transformation war stories, wounds, scars, bruises and crashed spreadsheets!!

He’ll share how the Digital PMO deals with the complexities; placing customers outcomes centre stage; getting into the big deal about metrics, not benefits; the culture, the landscape, the language, the organisational challenges plus where that canine comes into it, and yes, talking chickens.

You’ll leave the session with the answer to the question; Evolve or Die…. and on a lighter note, what are the minimum viable services any Digital PMO should be offering today?

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