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PMO Conference 2019 \\ A Roadmap for a Data Analytics Driven Future – Dr James Smith

Advanced project data analytics offers great promise for the project management profession; the methods have been proven in other industries. But it’s not a switch that can be turned on overnight.

Within this presentation, we will explore a roadmap that will help PMOs and their organisations to grapple with their strategic data objectives, improve data quality and progress from management information towards predictive insights.

We’ll look at a potential roadmap you can work with and utilise – to help bring clarity and understanding. We’ll look at what’s stopping us or the potential challenges ahead and how we can start to take steps for readiness. Finally, we’ll look at the practical side of making project data analytics in your organisation a reality.


  • Gain insights into a potential roadmap for your PM and your organisation.
  • Gain an understanding of project data analytics – to remove the fear and increase confidence in developing a way ahead.
  • Practical steps for implementation 

Presentation Slides

A Roadmap for a Data Analytics Driven Future

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