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Planning and Delivering Value with an Agile PMO – Ian Harvey

Even in organisations that utilise agile delivery methods, the language of the project manager and the PMO is often steeped in waterfall thinking. For the PMO to remain relevant it needs to adapt to the changing needs and goals of the business.

The core of the issue is the simple question, “why do organisations invest in projects?”. Delivering the scope is rarely a business goal in itself. In fact, with agile projects the scope itself isn’t even fixed.

The purpose of this talk is to discuss the role of the PMO in a world where the organisation itself is having to adapt, experiment and innovate to survive.

How does the PMO help an organisation to ensure it has both the right purpose and gets the right outcomes for its projects?

Drawing on his experience within Elsevier, Ian will discuss how he is working towards creating a PMO that is not a follower, but a leader in the transition to an evidence based product organisation.


  • How a modern PMO supports an agile organisation
  • Tips for welding good initiation process to successful delivery
  • The new Project Management triangle


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