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PMO Conference 2017 \\ Drinking from the Source of Truth – how the Modern PMO Needs to Accept and Adopt Technology to Achieve its Goals – Dave Hurren & Kingsley Thomas

In this case study, Kingsley and Dave will explain how RPCuk and Faithful + Gould deployed technology to facilitate the delivery of integrated services, which included Project Controls, Portfolio Management and Costs Integration. This solution has been designed and a POC delivered for a leading UK academic institution.
Through the intelligent amalgam of Project Controls best practice and supporting technology, we maintain proper governance of our data whilst increasing the access and exposure to information critical to the success of our project.
This presentation, demonstrated by RPCuk, will highlight one particular component, the integration of cost data and how we brought together information from multiple systems to manage budgets, expenditure, resources and schedule and delivered visibility of the true cost of the project, from funding and budget through to expenditure, and highlighted the cost of change and impacts on forecasts.
A high level view of the integrations and touch points to be considered in developing the technology platform
Specific example of an integrated cost sheet and how to drill down to component items, regardless of the data source.
Recognition of the risks related to managing the plethora of data sources and manipulations currently in use in most PMO’s
The benefits of marrying people, processes and products and why it is important

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