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PMO as a Career- how do we build capability to be ready for anything.. not everything? – Angelina Rizza

Attracting talent to PMO as a career can be a challenge; creating a clear, yet “agile” path of progression perceived as “exciting” as a role in delivery can seem impossible!

As a fledgling PMO Practitioner searching the internet for “PMO Accreditation” will bring back a plethora of offerings but somehow the “O” of “PMO” gets lost after the first or second result!

With very little relevant, formal PMO training available and more and more pressure on L&D budgets, how, as we build our PMO community of Practice, can we develop a self-sustaining learning cycle which will develop the individual as well as the service?

This session will explore the challenges presented and some solutions in building capability within a PMO Practice where the “bar “is constantly rising, and PMO, even though respected can be considered second choice as a Career.


  • Becoming first choice- peeling away the administrative role
  • Potential Career journeys in PMO
  • The Capability Jigsaw- how do we make the pieces fit across PM and PMO?


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