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The Kingdom of PMOs – Mazen Bizreh

Saudi Arabia has been dependent on oil but with the reduction in demand and the drop of oil prices it needs to find alternative revenue sources. Saudi Arabia is going through a 15-year plan called Vision 2030, reinventing itself by moving up the value chain. To do this, large and complex projects have been identified and budgets have been established. The Saudi King has carried out an assessment of critical success factors and determined that PMOs at all levels of the government and industry are key to success for these projects.

The concept of PMOs have been established at the Kingdom level reporting to highest authority. This presentation explains why and how the PMOs have been established and how the topology reflects the business demand across the various departments and industries.

This amazing story explains how PMOs were identified as functional critical success factors and how they are one of the main pillars of success for a nation that needs to change.

The presentation moves from the macro to the micro level and details the 10 top challenges PMO Directors and PMO Managers face in the government sector. Takeaways:

  • Saudi Arabia success story in using unified PMO approaches across all government entities to achieve Vision2030
  • Key role and power of decision makers on PMO success
  • 10 top challenges PMO Directors and PMO Managers face in the government environment


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