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Agile PMO – How Much is Enough?

In October it was the annual Agile Business Conference in London and we asked PMO Flashmob regular Brenda Nombro to go along to the conference to find out more about what the PMO community could learn from the conference. Brenda will be creating a few articles on different presentations she attended.
Here’s Brenda to tell you more.
The conference agenda was jammed packed and for every breakout session I could attend, you missed another three, however the first session that I attended on Day 1 was a bit of a no-brainer – How Much is Enough Governance when it Comes to an Agile PMO? from Jonathan Stout from AXA.
It was clearly a topic close to many hearts as the room quickly filled with many standing or sitting around the edges. The presentation wasn’t particularly well delivered and felt very clunky at times. I had hoped for some real practical examples of how the theory becomes practice, but this was lacking and I didn’t get any idea of specific context despite some anecdotal examples. Having said this, there were some points on which I can reflect.

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