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Everything You Need to Know About the Essentials for PMO Managers Qualification

The House of PMO launched its third qualification - Essentials for PMO Managers - in May 2022. In this session you will gain an understanding of: Why we have created the qualification The background of the qualification Who the qualification is aimed at What the qualification covers What the exam is like How long the training course is The qualification becomes available in the marketplace for learners to book and complete their courses from June 2022.
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The Essentials for PMO Analysts – The Certification

The latest certification from the House of PMO - the Essentials for PMO Analysts - was introduced to the membership a few weeks ahead of the official launch date of the 22nd September 2021. The webinar, presented by co-founders Eileen Roden and Lindsay Scott, gives insights into the new certification; what learners can expect to see covered on the training course and why it is an important step in PMO learning and development.
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