Higher Education conference for PMO practitionersPMO practitioners working in universities and higher education institutes now have the opportunity to join their own dedicated PMO community with the launch of PMO:HE.

PMO:HE has been created by the House of PMO in association with the University of Nottingham in the UK and sees it inaugural conference take place on the 14th March, available online via the House of PMO.

The inaugural event is a half-day conference which features best practice presentations, case studies from other organisations; facilitated, interactive discussion and networking opportunities.

PMO:HE aims to provide higher education PMO professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to establish and effectively manage a PMO that aligns with the strategic objectives of their organisation. The conference is open to anyone interested in Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices and those working in strategic planning, business planning, performance and strategic change within a higher education setting.

University of NottinghamUniversities have plenty of strategic challenges, such as digital transformation, legacy estates and new builds, managing the student population, sustainability, financial management, and the list goes on.

PMOs play a crucial role in helping universities manage strategy execution through services such as portfolio prioritisation, resource management, planning, data-driven decision-making and budget control.


The PMO:HE Agenda

The agenda for the PMO:HE conference will focus on overcoming the challenges experienced by PMOs in Higher Education today. Several expert-led sessions are designed to give PMO practitioners real takeaways to help improve their own and PMO’s performance.

Online PMO HE Conference



A New PMO Community

The PMO community in Higher Education helps to bring together PMO professionals looking to connect and share their insights in how PMOs can overcome common challenges and provide better services and support for their institutions.

The PMO:HE conference is the first step in building a dedicated community where PMO Directors, Heads of P3O, PMO Managers, PMO Analysts and PMO support practitioners all working in higher education can connect, learn from each other, share insights and solutions for overcoming common challenges.

Together we are aiming to:

  • Build a community of practice/interest group – bringing together peers and building relationships
  • Provide guidance on establishing, running and working within PMOs in HE – best practice and practical real-life solutions
  • Focus on HE-specific themes, challenges and opportunities  – current challenges and future trends


>> To find out more about the Higher Education community and event, visit PMO:HE


Higher Education Corporate Members of House of PMO

Higher education corporate members of the House of PMO, interested in attending the PMO:HE event will receive free tickets based on their tier of membership. Current members can get in touch to secure their tickets [contact us]

If your higher education organisation is interested in becoming a corporate member, take a look at the membership option [ corporate membership ]