A one-day PMO Conference focused on overcoming the challenges experienced by PMOs in Higher Education today.

5 expert-led sessions designed to give you and your PMO real takeaways to help improve your PMOs performance

Join your PMO peers for the one-day PMO Conference for Higher Education professionals.


Focused on Higher Education

One Day Conference

Bringing PMO Professionals Together

Connect with PMO Peers

PMO:HE 2024

Key Challenges and Opportunities in PMO and Higher Education Today

Portfolio Management and PMO in Higher Education

What is Needed in PMOs in Higher Education Institutes Today?

The Successful PMO Roadmap in Higher Education

The Agenda


8.30 - 9.30am

Arrival – Breakfast & Registration

With over 150 PMO practitioners in attendance working in higher education, it’s also a great day for making new connections with your peers.


9.30 - 10.00am

Welcome and Introduction to PMO:HE

Embark on a day of insight and collaboration as we kick off this exclusive one-day conference, uniting Higher Education PMO professionals. Join us in shaping the future of PMO in academia and lay the groundwork for a lasting community and specialist interest group that will extend our connections far beyond the confines of this event. Together, let’s build a network that propels us towards excellence in Higher Education PMOs.

Introduced by the House of PMO and the University of Nottingham



10.00am - 10.45am

Key Challenges in PMO and Higher Education Today

The first session sets the scene for the day, delving into the pressing issues that shape the landscape for professionals in PMOs within educational institutions. In this informative and facilitated interactive session, we take a look at the challenges and obstacles to overcome and the opportunities that exist for PMOs to add real sustainable value for our institutions.



10.45am - 11.15am

Coffee Break

First break of the day and a time to chat about what you’ve learnt and what you’re thinking about so far.



11.15am - 12.15pm

Introduction to Portfolio Management and PMO

One of the top challenges that many higher education institutions face is prioritising which projects and programmes get delivered. In this session, we dive into the intricacies of Portfolio Management, ePMO, and best practices which help PMOs bring a structured approach and much-needed consistency in strategic planning, governance, performance and change.


12.15pm - 1.15pm


A time to grab lunch and circulate, meet new connections and chat about the morning’s events.


1.15pm - 1.45pm

Birds of a Feather –What is Needed for PMOs in Higher Education Today?

Post-lunch and this interactive table based session is designed to bring delegates together to address the question – what is needed for PMOs to thrive in higher education today? Delegates will be working together to uncover shared ideas and spark new thinking on what PMOs can be doing right now as well as planning for the future.


1.45pm - 2.30pm

PMO Case Study – Roadmap and Prioritisation

We hear from one higher education organisation who have been making great progress in the maturity of their PMO – sharing their roadmap and journey so far.



2.30pm - 3.00pm

Coffee Break

Final chance to meet new people working in higher education in PMO whilst enjoying the afternoon break.



3.00pm - 4.00pm

Key Challenges in PMO and Higher Education Today – Panel Session

At the beginning of the day, the session – Key Challenges in PMO and Higher Education Today, gave plenty of insights into the opportunities and challenges that exist for PMOs supporting their higher education organisations today.

In this panel session we hear from a selection of experts in PMO, portfolio management and higher education as they share their wealth of knowledge, practical insights, and invaluable experiences.



4.00pm - 4.30pm

What Next for PMO:HE?

As the conference draws to a close, we will explore the path forward as we chart next steps in building a lasting community of like-minded professionals, dedicated to fostering collaboration, continuous learning, and mutual support beyond the conference walls.




Make sure you have the contact details of the people you’ve met today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch if you have a question that needs answering!

Where will the event be held?

It takes place at the Conference Centre at the University of Nottingham. Find out more details here.

Are there any discounts available for individuals?

There are two ways for you to save. Take advantage of the Early Bird rate, this is the cheapest ticket available. If those tickets have been sold out, consider becoming a member of the House of PMO, you will receive a discount on your ticket.

Is the conference just open for those working in Universities and Higher Education institutions?

No, the conference is open to any PMO practitioners who thinks they will benefit from the sessions outlined on the agenda. The conference of course is heavily focused on higher education institutions but should benefit any organisation which is developing PMOs, specifically with a portfolio management focus.

I'd like to bring a team, are there discounts available?

If you are a corporate member of the House of PMO, there are free tickets available for you based on your tier of membership. Please ensure you are logged into the website before making your purchase to see how many free tickets are available.

As a coporate member you can purchase additional tickets (over your free ticket allocation) at a reduced rate too.

I will need to raise a purchase order, how do I purchase my ticket/s?

You can make a ticket booking with your purchase order number included.

Get in touch if you need details of the House of PMO to add to your procurement systems or you need a quotation in order to raise the purchase order.

I would like to sponsor this event, what options are there?

We have limited opportunities for sponsorship for this event. If you are interested in reaching a PMO audience in higher education, please get in touch to enquire.