Uniquely focusing on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a PMO role

The Essentials for PMO Administrators Course and Certification has been launched by the House of PMO and APMG International.

Developed with experts from the House of PMO, this three-day course is designed for beginners. It introduces Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) and demonstrates how to use the core principles within the context of a PMO.

While other courses focus on how to design PMOs and therefore are more appropriate for senior roles – Essentials for PMO Administrators is focused on equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills required to perform in this and other associated roles.

Lindsay Scott, co-founder of House of PMO said,

“We acquired BCS PPSO Essentials, a 20-year-old qualification which thousands of PMO Practitioners have taken over the years and redesigned this training, ensuring it now aligns with the roles that exist in PMOs today. The result, Essentials for PMO Administrators, is the ideal starting point for all those looking to start a career in either PMOs, or Project Management.”

APMG InternationalRichard Pharro, CEO APMG International also commented,

“Partnering with House of PMO to offer the suite of training courses being released this year, has provided us with a great opportunity to create courses uniquely placed to help individuals perform in specific roles. House of PMO’s large network of PMO practitioners, contributed to their guidance, ensuring these courses are up to date and based on hands-on experiences – crucial for today’s businesses transforming themselves through a portfolio of initiatives”.

The Essentials for PMO Administrators is one of four qualifications that the House of PMO and APMG International will be launching in 2021 – targeting the various stages in a PMO practitioner’s career. House of PMO and APMG are looking forward to launching:

  • Essentials for PMO Analysts, in July 2021
  • Essentials for PMO Managers, in September 2021
  • Essentials for PMO Directors, in November 2021.

Further information about the course launching today, Essentials for PMO Administrators Training and Certification can be found here on the APMG International website. You can also visit the House of PMO for more information.

Watch the Launch Session