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Top Tips for PMOs Working with Agile

At the end of February, Ticketmaster International hosted the latest PMO Mini-Masterclass on Agile PMO in Practice. With 40 PMO practitioners in the bar (yes they have a bar!), the evening kicked off with John McIntyre, Head of PMO at Ticketmaster organising and running the event in an Agile way. If you want to see the whole session, take a look at how you can do that here.
As each PMO Flashmobber arrived, they were asked what they wanted to get out of the event – creating a product backlog – which drove the agenda for the evening.
With the first half of the evening the PMO Flashmobbers wanted to understand more about the concepts of Agile and how they manifest themselves in a real example. They learnt about self-organising teams, sprints, interations, retrospectives and burn down charts.
In the second part of the evening – Sprint Two, the session was all about the “PMO supporting Agile”. So what top tips did John share during this part of the evening? What does the PMO actually do when it is supporting Agile projects?

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