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The Reporting Chasm Between Execs and the PMO

Many thanks to Rupert Taylor and the team from Kivue for the webinar on Bridging the Chasm Between Execs and the PMO today.

There’s lots of food for thought when it comes to the PMO being able to provide concise and visual reporting to meet the needs of executives.

Many were especially interested in the Bar (no surprise there then) and the visuals in the room on the wall.

Take a look at the webinar, the pics we grabbed and the notes below.

Cool Pics

The Webinar


The Notes

Notes Webinar

Got a product you love?

Kivue ran the webinar based on feedback from a PMO Flashmobber who thought others would like what Kivue are up to.

If you’ve got a product and organisation you love who are doing great things for the PMO – contact us and tell us

Spread the love #lovePMO

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