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The Journey to PMO Digitalisation

The road to maturity of project management in an organisation is inevitably leading many PMOs to consider digitalisation as a step in that journey. It’s not an easy journey and we’ll always be interested ito hear how others have tackled it.
In this one-hour webinar you’ll hear from Guy Jelley from Project Portfolio Office (PPO) and Richard Humphrey from Aspen Insurance Group’s Enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO).
This is their journey over the last four years.
Aspen Insurance Group’s Enterprise Project Management Office (ePMO) are accountable for the portfolio management, standards, methodology and reporting of the Aspen portfolio to the EXCO, Group Operations Committee, Change Board and various business forums.
Since joining Aspen in late 2015, Richard Humphrey, Head of Group ePMO, has journeyed the business and the PMO to remove data duplication, retire spreadsheets, reduce administrative and data consolidation activities, link cost, resource and forecast data in a single data model and process flow, introduce consistent reporting standards and heartbeat across the group and gain 1 FTE (Full-time equivalent) for the EPMO and 2 FTE’s for the project managers in the process.
In this session you’ll learn:
Why your PMO doesn’t have enough time focus on analytics and metrics
How to get Project Manager’s seeing value in the ePMO
How to retire those spreadsheets and numerous data sources
Whether parallel runs are required.
If you can change format and process at the same time.
How to deal with very different types of Project Managers, yet achieve a standardised approach.

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