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PMO Career Hour – Cheaper Ways to Learn

In this PMO Career Hour session, we brought together a small group of PMO practitioners who were interested in exploring other ways to develop themselves that doesn’t break the bank.
We looked at the 70-20-10 model of learning sources – with the large majority of our learning coming from ‘on-the-job’.
We also looked at cheaper ways to learn about the many different subjects that impact the PMO role but the same challenge always emerges – it’s not necessarily about having a budget to take up learning opportunities, the biggest challenge we have is making the time.
That’s a motivation that has to come from yourself, making learning a habit rather than an afterthought.
Take a look at the session recorded after the event (we don’t record these career sessions so people feel comfortable talking freely) and the session notes.
If you have any thoughts to add, please add them to the comments field below, we would love to hear about your sources for learning.

Video Session

The Deck

House of PMO

Quick Mindmap


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