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The Handbook of Programme Management

Back in 2014 PMO Flashmob threw its hat into the ring and offered to write a chapter about the Programme Office for Gower’s upcoming second edition of The Handbook of Programme Management. So alongside Eileen Roden, we set about understanding what the first edition had to say about Programme Offices (published in 2006) and how that might have changed over the years.
In the first edition there was a lot of focus on tools – which of course, as many of us know that is just one tiny part of the picture. Plus we wanted to make sure it was totally focused on programmes – not projects or portfolios – so we had to think about structures, reporting lines, specific functions and services that are a programme level – rather than get dragged into talking about projects or portfolios.
The book was finally published this year and it’s a lovely brick of a book that pretty much covers just about everything you would want to know about programme management – a must if you’re working predominantly in the programme office field.
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