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Talking Agile PMO

Last month’s PMOFlashmob was all about Agile PMOs – that’s PMOs that support Agile projects (just to be clear!)
We were lucky in two respects – we had an excellent venue in the shape of the Institute of Education at 20 Bedford Way in the heart of Bloomsbury. This gave us the space and the ability to invite a guest speaker along.
And that’s where we got lucky again with Jennifer Stapleton coming along to talk to us about Agile PMOs. Jennifer published the small handbook on this about 18 months ago and I’ve wanted to hear what she has to say about it for a while now. She didn’t disappoint. Jennifer is one of the early adopters, a pioneer in terms of DSDM back in the early 1990s. She was the main creator of the Agile Project Management accreditation from APMG and today she’s just about to launch a new publication, Agile Programme Management.

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