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Taking Ownership of Your PMO Career

Here’s the session we did for the South African PMO Forum. The PMO Forum is a community of PMO practitioners that are affilated with the South African Project Management Association.

The brilliant thing about a career in PMO is that there is opportunity, literally hundreds of different opportunities – and we’re not just talking about moving on and out to a Project or Programme Manager role.

We can choose to work in different types of PMOs, work at different levels of responsibility and authority, choose to become the go-to-person in a certain area. We can choose to lead innovation in our PMOs; or make things better for our senior executives or create a great team of PMO practitioners who are knocking it out of the park. Great things can happen in a PMO career.

To take advantage of opportunities it takes a combination of things – such as experience, skills, behaviours, attitude, luck and much more. Sometimes our organisation helps us to be in a position to take up opportunities, sometimes it comes from our own drive and determination. When you take ownership for your own career, that’s when doors start to open.

In this session we covered different areas of “taking ownership” – what that really means, what does it look like, how you can take ownership.

We’ll also looked closer at the “PMO career” and uncover lots of different avenues that should spark thoughts about your own career to date and where you want to be next.

Full of practical tips and insights plus a chance to hear how others are taking ownership of their PMO career.


Recorded Session


The SlideDeck

>> Download the Deck

If you want to take a closer look at the PMO paths which is featured in the presentation, you can download a bigger version here:

Take control of your own career development and opportunities, “who is your organisation or current manager to decide where your career stops” is a great sentiment and one which should make you think about your long-term career in PMO and where you want to take it.

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