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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Portfolio Management Office – The Bridge between Strategy and Delivery – Ben Green

The Portfolio Management Office forms the bridge between the organisation’s strategy and its change portfolio. It enables delivery of the strategy and serves to prove and improve delivery of change.
Providing these services in an investment bank is a challenge. This is an environment which demands pace and tangible outcomes; it is subject to extraordinary external pressures and scrutiny; and it is where the need for portfolio management is increasing.
The way we provide portfolio management into this environment needs to quickly mature to remain valuable. A critical factor for a successful Portfolio Management Office is to show measurable value in the way it forms the bridge between strategy and the change portfolio.
How bridging strategy to the change portfolio drives PMO value
How the investment banking as a relative newcomer is influencing PMO practises
How maturing at pace should become business as usual for the PMO
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