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#PMOwfh / Senior Executives

In this #PMOwfh session we invited along the PMO Conference 2022 closing keynote speaker Andrew Whyatt-Sames. Andrew is a Executive Team Coach, Psychologist and in this session he gave us the keynote in 10 slides!
Also in this session we covered some insights from the Enterprise PMO paper (you can see more on that here); psychological contracts, “most crucial challenge for the PMO leader is to get the right balance of speed and excitement” (see the article here); commuting and Japanese culture.

Recorded Session



One of the projects I’m working with is having this very debate at the moment – how can we change how the senior sponsors engage differently so they are effective and filling the roles we need from them


PMOs can help sponsors save face and look good

In poll of the month we asked whether PMO practitioners are ready to get out and about again – especially the House of PMO meetups! It all comes down to subject matter and location – but yeah, they’re ready!

I’m really looking forward to getting back to meeting with like-minded PMO people in real life


Enjoying the 30 seconds commute from the kettle to the office



We have unwritten rules. Such as ‘Love your lunch’ i.e. take your lunch break

We also had a bit of Japanese culture thrown in there too:
Nemawashi (根回し) in Japanese means an informal process of quietly laying the foundation for some proposed change or project, by talking to the people concerned, gathering support and feedback, and so forth. You can find out more here.

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