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PMO Mini-Masterclass: Marketing the PMO

The PMO Mini-Masterclass on Marketing the PMO was all about “nicking” ideas from the marketing professionals which could help the PMO manage some of the things we often struggle with – like building and maintaining relationships with our stakeholders – or making what we do be more visible which in turn highlights the benefits of having a PMO. Here’s the agenda for the evening: There were some technical difficulties with the projector on the evening but I don’t think it distracts from the session.

The Video

The video is 1 hour and 15 minutes long:

The Presentation

>> The PowerPoint presentation from Fran >> The Handout from Fran

Interactive Session

The cost/benefit break out: Team one included:

  • Time consuming reporting requirements
  • Excessive detailed focus
  • Focus on delivery
  • Processes
  • Governance
  • Focus on activites that really add value
  • Risks of changing to new processes
  • The harsh light of truth
  • Expose individual’s knowledge gaps

Team two – focused on the pain!

  • Extra admin
  • Challenge to BAU behaviours
  • Is it worth it? Black hole
  • Process trumps progress
  • Not adding value to them / their area
  • Exposing flaws
  • Know-it-alls – they don’t have to do it
  • Training the PMO in special-itis
  • Losing control of own outcomes
  • Not wanting to share the glory

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