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Power Up Your PMO with Microsoft Cloud – Gero Renker \\ PMO Conference 2021

Is your PMO still caught up with disconnected spreadsheets, inefficient manual processes, and Power Point reporting? Are you struggling to unlock budget to address your collaboration and reporting challenges with appropriate tools?
If your organisation has declared a ‘Microsoft Cloud First’ strategy, then you have a great opportunity to harness for PPM those Microsoft services that will drive the digital transformation of your entire organisation – rather than deploying non-strategic 3rd party PPM tools.
Why not benefit from world-beating collaboration, integration, automation, and business intelligence features that are at your fingertips – in the platform that your team logs into every day already.
This presentation will give you a whirlwind tour of services in Microsoft’s Power Platform and explain how you can combine those with collaboration and work management tools such as Teams, Project and Planner to transform your PMO.
Do more with the platform you already own – make it the foundation of your data driven PMO!
This session was presented by show sponsor Program Framework.

Session Recording


Power Up Your PMO with Microsoft Cloud – Gero Renker

Session Notes

In this session we get a more detailed look at the Power Platform and really see what’s possible – especially the Power Apps side, through to Power BI and Automate. There’s also some ideas about building your business case to use the Microsoft Power Platform – and to extend the use of it if you’re already dabbling with Teams etc.
Make sure you check out Program Framework if you need help to make the Platform a really robust PPM solution.


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