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PMO Conference 2019 \\ The PMO Triple Constraint: Standardisation, Discipline and Visibility – Michael Reynders

Similar to the juggling act required by Project Managers to manage project delivery within the triple constraint of time, cost and scope, the PMO also requires a juggling act to meet ever-changing business and stakeholder expectations.

The idea of a PMO triple constraint with the parameters of standardisation, discipline and visibility will be discussed as an approach to safeguard PMO’s applicability to, and sustainability for the organisation.

This presentation tracks the PMO journey to date at Mediclinic, and provides some key learnings on the maturation path from being ignored, being tolerated, being respected to becoming a business partner.

Experience will be shared on using competency frameworks and assessments in order to plot the next steps for PMO maturity at Mediclinic


  • The presentation provides practical insight to integrating the project, change and benefits management approaches in order to ensure successful project delivery, adoption of change and realisation of benefits in order to realise business strategy.
  • Ideas will be discussed on balancing the PMO constraints of standardisation (process and methodology), discipline (PM habits and behaviours) and visibility (reporting and prioritisation) as part of the maturation process.
  • Sharing of lessons learnt from the Mediclinic journey to date will be of benefit to PMO’s intent on following a similar maturation path

Presentation Slides

PMO Triple Constraint: Standardisation, Discipline and Visibility

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