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PMO Conference 2019 \\ Growing a Greenfield PMO in a Media Forest – Sonia Sharma

In this session, we cover the challenges in setting up a new PMO in the Media forest – in this case, Channel 4 the broadcaster. Sonia takes her through her experiences in setting up a Greenfield PMO where there are already several different and ingrained ways of working.

You can’t just cut down the trees and start again! She will cover the differences in approach used at a department level and the Enterprise level and provide practical advice on managing stakeholders, developing processes and the use of tools.

If you’re currently working as a PMO Analyst looking to move into PMO Management or interested in how a different industry tackles new PMO implementation, attend the session for real-world and practical insights.


  • Understand the challenges of setting up a greenfield PMO.
  • Managing creative stakeholders and making the PMO work in an industry like Media.
  • Guidelines on how to set up a PMO whether it is at the Enterprise or Department level.

Presentation Slides

Growing a Greenfield PMO in a Media Jungle

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