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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Selling Your PMO to Internal Stakeholders – Neil Shorney

Neil ShorneyAs organisations consider the success, or lack of success, of their projects, individuals within the organisation get together to begin to solve the problem, and as we know, it’s often in these tougher times that the idea of implementing a PMO is born. Early on, there’s often good buy-in from stakeholders across the organisation. However, when the scale of the effort and the costs become apparent, previously-supportive stakeholders can become unsure of the value, and the idea of actually creating a fully-functioning PMO can fall flat. In this session, Neil will combine 15 years’ experience in the Project Management industry with my extensive sales skills to show the audience how to “sell” the PMO to a range of internal stakeholders. The session includes:

  • Why it can be hard to convince stakeholders of the justification of a PMO
  • Different types of stakeholder:
    • Strategic: interested in achieving the overall strategy of the business
    • Financial: interested in the ROI
    • User: interested in themselves or their teams becoming more effective at their job
    • Technical: a box-ticker ensuring quality, compliance, etc.
  • Breaking down the business case to show benefits to each stakeholder type
  • Handling objections from stakeholders and getting buy-in


  • An understanding of the different characters among high-profile stakeholders in an organisation, and how we need to modify our approach to connect with them.
  • A replicable process to communicate with different stakeholders in an way which increases their buy-in to a message.
  • Solid techniques to handle business objections to the establishment of a PMO, whilst remaining non-confrontational and positive.

Presentation Slides

Selling Your PMO to Internal Stakeholders

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