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PMO Conference 2018 \\ How to Implement PPM Technology to Improve Your Organisational Project Management Maturity – Guy Jelley

Typically, PMO leaders view the implementation of project portfolio management (PPM) technology as an instant solution to PMO challenges like portfolio visibility and reporting, project prioritisation or resource capacity planning. The decision to implement PPM technology is usually met with doubt and suspicion by the broader organisation (and sometimes from within the PMO) and the business value can be questioned from the onset. The reality is that it’s not the technology alone that adds value to the organisation but rather the improved project management maturity it brings that adds the value. As the maturity increases, so too do organisational agility, programme and project effectiveness and project management efficiency. While not always considered as a necessity, growing your project management capability should be direct consequence of implementing PPM technology the RIGHT way. Join Guy Jelley as he tackles this difficult task of tailoring your PPM technology implementation journey to suit your organisation’s maturity level.


  • How to tailor your PPM implementation to your current and targeted project management maturity level
  • How to map PPM technology functionality to your current maturity level
  • Lessons learnt and implementation approach for your PPM technology implementation

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How To Implement PPM Technology to Improve Your Organisational Project Management Maturity

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