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PMO Conference 2018 \\ Developing PMO Servant Leaders – Richard Hendrickse

The increasing exposure of agile methodologies has raised the subject of servant leadership (706,000 hits on Google!). However, the level of understanding of servant leadership remains low and needs to be raised if the PMO are going to gain real value from it. Unknowingly, many PMO already operate as servant leaders but are often focusing on the servant element rather than the leadership role. There is a real and present opportunity to grab this chance to position the PMO better for the future but we need the right leaders. In this session Richard shares his insights into how PMO practitioners can utilise servant leadership skills, behaviours and characteristics to increase their own performance as well as that of their organisation.


  • A better understanding of servant leadership
  • The linkage between servant leadership and the developing role of the PMO
  • Some practical next steps in developing yourself as a servant leader

Presentation Slides

Developing PMO Servant Leaders

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