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PMO Conference 2016 \\ Keynote – Managing Your Organization Masterfully with Project Portfolio Management – Chris Garibaldi

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) provides the ability to significantly reduce cost, increase delivery efficiency, save revenue for other investments, and more effectively employ the organization’s workforce to strategically aligned initiatives.
PPM provides direct visibility into a leader’s organization, thus providing the information required to lead and make decisions authoritatively. It can be applied to many industries at varying levels of organizational maturity.
By focusing on people first, then on process—and viewing technology as an enabler—one can use PPM to guide your business to maturity. If applied effectively, PPM helps one masterfully command his or her organization.
How to consider PPM capabilities in a holistic closed loop cycle.
Leading practices for PPM strategy and capability implementation.
How to best consider the founding components of PPM, people, process, and technology.
The Video

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