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How PMO Flashmob Got Started

We get asked a lot about how PMO Flashmob came to be. At the last PMO Conference in London, original co-founder Ralf Finchett returned from Australia and we grabbed a bit of time to have a chat.

PMO Flashmob was created originally to get people together who work in PMO – to meet up after work to chat about the work they do.

It started because we found that at all the conferences we had attended, it was the interactive and networking parts where you got to meet others in the same boat as you, that had long-lasting benefits.

Five years on, I think its safe to say there are a lot of people who have attended different types of events we’ve had that have got real benefit from it. PMO Flashmob was always intended to be something that was aimed at individual practitioners rather than the organisation or corporates. It remains low cost and that allows us to offer both hospitality at events and also explore the different challenges that affect people working in PMOs day.

If you’re interested in how PMO Flashmob got started or perhaps looking for some inspiration for setting up your own community of practice within your organisation.

Take a look at the video interview / having a catch-up PMO Flashmob style.  

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