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Have a Word with the Boss

Had a conversation the other day with someone who wanted to come along to the PMO Hackathon event we’re holding in October.
They wanted to come along but it starts at 2pm – which of course means leaving work early and they didn’t think their boss would be OK with that.
I get it. They pay the wages they want you there.
How many organisations these days talk about the performance and success of the business is based on its people?
How being motivated, happy, appreciated and interested in their work makes a world of difference? That’s the basis of the first word to have with the boss.
You want to come along to an event which is all about personal and professional development for you, in your chosen career in PMO.
You’re spending a small % of time on some development time. You’re doing something to get better at your job, you care about what you’re doing.
So that’s the second basis to have that word.
You’re choosing to do something that you’re probably funding yourself – OK the event’s a tenner  – that’s not the point, it’s the committment you’re showing.
You’re doing this to better yourself which in turn benefits the business.
That’s the third word to have.

But is the boss the real problem?

Isn’t often that we can’t make time during a working day for development time – especially external events?
There’s an unspoken rule that says we can’t ask for time out during the day – even just once in a while – that we need to be seen to be there all the time.
Or is it a case of you’re really too busy. You’d love to attend something like this but actually you can’t or won’t make time for it.
Maybe you don’t really want to attend something like this because you’re worried your experience is not as good as other people’s.
Or the flip side – you’re really experienced and can’t see what else there is to learn.
PMO Flashmob is there for all types of people – at all levels of experience. We started up four years ago because we wanted a place for people to come along and meet other people who are exactly like them. It’s uncanny, we know you’ll just get along with anyone you meet at a Flashmob event.
The other reason we started is because there is still so much to learn about in PMO – and we know time is precious but those things still need learning.
We also thought PMO Flashmob was a great place for you and your team to hang out too. We know it’s important for team development, to do stuff out of the office occasionally, together.
So have a word with the boss – and have a word with yourself – take some time out to get involved – oh and you really don’t want to miss something like the PMO Hackathon because it’s going to be a fascinating learning experience.
See you there! If you come along to PMO Flashmob events, what benefit do you get out of it? Leave a comment and let us all know! Equally if you’ve had a word with the boss – how did you square it off?

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