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PMO Conference 2017 \\ Governance and Governmentality for Projects: The Role of the PMO – Dr Ralf Müller

This research-based presentation addresses the role of the PMO in the combination of governance as structure and governmentality as human agency for success at the project and organizational level.
Three stages are discussed: 1) the enablers of governance and governmentality; 2) the practices in terms of different governmentality approaches, governance paradigms and mechanisms, and project sovereignty; and 3) the consequences of and for governance and governmentality in terms of project results, ethical issues in projects, and the alignment of the organization to their particular context.
Real life cases will be discussed and tools for assessment and profiling of governance and governmentality approaches will be presented.
The role of the PMO in establishing organizational enablers and practices for governance and governmentality
The link between governance approaches and its consequences
Tools for PMOs to assess and profile their own organization

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