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DIY Maturity Assessment

As part of our PMO Trends for 2022, we mentioned that a lot more PMO practitioners were looking for maturity assessments they could pick up and use themselves – rather than going down the route of a P3M3 assessment which involves bringing in a consultancy firm.
The P3M3 route can be expensive and take a considerable length of time and committment however there are other ways for the PMO to gain an understanding of where their organisations are in terms of maturity and that’s by offering a Do-It-Yourself option.
It’s useful for a PMO to be able to get a sense of how their organisation stacks up against a standard – carry out an assessment and be able to pinpoint some of the areas where decisions and actions need to be made in order to improve maturity.
PMOs are also looking at maturity models because by their very nature it provides a link to measures – and gives an insight into how the PMO services are contributing to project success. A PMO maturity assessment would also give insights into what services the PMO should be looking to amend or add both in the long and short term.

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