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Dashboard and Reporting at PMO Learn!

We had a new event launched in 2021 as part of the PMO Conference. It was a one-day learning event called PMOLearn! which took place before the conference and was billed as the largest PMO classroom with 100 learners taking part.
The day itself was split into 4 different topics – benefits management, resource management, portfolio management and this one, dashboards & reporting.
In this post, you’ll be able to see the main presentation or class. You’ll not be able to see the interactive parts that the learners got involved in but you’ll still take a lot away from the session itself.

The Class – Taught by John McIntyre

Find out more about John over at HotPMO, you can also get in touch directly with him via Linkedin.

The Deck

Here’s the deck that John used in the class
>> Download
The learners were presented with a challenge and asked to work together:

Group Challenge

You are a Portfolio level PMO in an organization that has embraced agile. The organization has clearly defined goals and targets for the next three years.
Your portfolio consists of 30 projects, and you are also monitoring some key software features that are being delivered by agile teams using Kanban.
You have been tasked with creating a regular PMO reporting structure.
Focus on one persona.

  • What will they need? What message(s) do you want to convey?
  • Dashboard or Report?
  • What data will you present?
  • How will you support decision making?

Here’s an example of one of the personas to give you an idea:

We’ll take a look at what our learners came up with:


What will they need?

  • Quick wins visible to enable prioritising
  • High-level risks and residuals
  • Decisions
  • Growth plans
  • Comparison to previous year’s performance
  • Return on Investment
  • Alignment to strategy
  • Spend forecast
  • Budget – drawdown and allocation
  • Profitability
  • Value
  • Benefits
  • Time and cost
  • Long-term views
  • Which projects are open, closed, in progress
  • Which projects are viable? Which will we kill?
  • Projects which need interventions
  • Exception reporting
  • Technical delivery confidence

Dashboard or Report?
Definitely a dashboard-style of reporting – concise/precise – lots of visuals. Good to include some narrative/story but cut the waffle. Should also include drilling down on figures. Has to be reliable and up to date.
An example dashboard will include:

  • Tables to show actuals versus forecasts
  • Graphs to show trends
  • Any predicted overspend at the end of the financial period
  • Narrative and explanations against overspends and underspends
  • Top 5 risks versus spend and top 5 risks versus opportunity – presented in a table

An alternative view – reports should be sent out monthly – push rather than pull. If the CEO is in a turnaround role, reports should be more regular.
Should include insights that will aid the decision making. It’s important to include the good news and high-level stories that support those.


What will they need?

  • Links to strategic objectives
  • A focus on portfolio level numbers with options for project-level.
  • Include all budget options – actuals and forecasts
  • Include benefits
  • Return on investment – target versus current – per project
  • Include dependencies
  • Risk complexity versus investment
  • Likelihood of payback
  • Recommendations from a PMO perspective and actions for the finance department – provide the formula on which recommendations are based.
  • Scenario planning – a separate report

Dashboard or Report?
Definitely a report with a focus on the numbers rather than visuals or narratives. Would include tables.

Product Owner

What will they need?

  • Focused on the project view as opposed to the portfolio view
  • Prioritised portfolio of work – view of the priorities
  • Progress against goals and targets – technical in detail for example, technical debt, website visitors etc
  • Trends
  • Progress against the roadmap
  • Focused on timelines and deliverables
  • Testing related data e.g., number of bugs
  • Waste snake!
  • Kanban Wait – times to improve the flow
  • Retro scores/themes
  • Visibility of bottlenecks from retrospectives
  • Velocity
  • Time since the last release
  • Dependencies

Dashboard or Report?
Definitely a dashboard-style of reporting – to include commentaries. A visual representation of the roadmap plus drilldowns on data and tables. Delivered in real-time
Example below:

Like the idea of PMOLearn!?
Take a look and join us at the next event:

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