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Agile PMO Coffee

In this session, we wanted to get the answers to the most popular and often challenging questions when it comes to the PMO working with Agile approaches.
We had three panellists on the session:

You can connect to all three of them via Linkedin – John McIntyre, Matthew Milsom and Jeff Wood.

How the Session was Run

If you’re not familiar with the concept of Agile Coffee – it’s essentially a structured but agenda-less meeting – described here. This is how we ran the session:

Each attendee was able to add their question and as a group, we voted on which questions we would like to put to the panel.
The full list included:

  • What are your 3 top tips for setting up an Agile PMO?
  • Demand Management and Agile teams – any tips?
  • Our company has adopted SAFe and is mandating that all projects should be Agile. However, I run the Infrastructure PMO where our projects are inherently waterfall. What advice is there for apply SAFe to projects which, at best, will be WAgile?
  • What are the three biggest differences between working in an Agile PMO vs a Waterfall PMO?
  • What framework is the best one for Agile?
  • What metrics should the PMO track at a portfolio level for Agile projects?
  • Best practices for working in a hybrid model
  • “Selling the PMO” to sceptical and sometimes arrogant Agile/Scrum teams
  • Are there 3 easy steps to getting started with Agile?
  • How can the PMO act as a bridge between Agile teams and a more traditional high-level planning view?
  • Do you think you can do elements of Agile rather than implement the entire framework and if so what elements?
  • How do you manage a portfolio delivery plan with a mixture of projects with different delivery methods, agile, waterfall, hybrid?

We used Miro to work as a whiteboard where everyone could add further questions and also vote on the questions they wanted answers to.


The Session

You can watch the session here:


The Notes

>> You can download the notes from the session as a PDF

Further Reading

If you’re interested in reading the Inside PMO Report on metrics and measures, you will find that here
>> You can also download the one-pager with different measures too here.
There were also book recommendations through this session which you can take a look at here:

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