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A Thinking Tool for the PMO

We talk a lot about PMO practitioners being curious – wanting to try different approaches and think differently about the work they do. It’s never easy to find the time to take a step back to think – even more so to find the time for the PMO team to come together with the sole aim of thinking about what we do and how we might change that.
PMO leaders and managers are still finding ways to engage with their teams through the pandemic – hosting “away” days virtually – using that time for micro-learning, exercises and sharing insights and lessons.
In this post, we look at a thinking tool approach that could be used either by yourself – or even better – with the whole PMO team. Perhaps it would make a good exercise for the next PMO team get together.
The thinking tool comes from a brilliant book called The Idea Generator – which features a number of different tools you can use to come up with new ideas. It’s a business book but it’s easily applied to PMO. It’s a boundary thinking tool – and it’s a simple equation we’ll be using. Read on to understand the tool and gain access to the templates:

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