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Top Ten from the PMO Conference 2017

The PMO Conference last month pulled together an eclectic mix of sessions, speakers, practitioners and supplying organisations. People have often asked what the theme for the conference is – it’s PMO. Simple as that. It doesn’t have to have one theme – or one focus – because PMO is so varied, so why not pull together a conference that celebrates that variety.
This year I was spoilt for choice when it came to putting together my top ten – those little nuggets or lightbulb moments – things that have stuck four weeks later.
If you want to see the sessions for yourself you can, there’s a small fee that goes right back into PMO Flashmob so we can carry on pulling together great events in the future.
Here’s my top ten:
The Golden Rule – It’s Not Your PMO
Who’s Who in the PMO Zoo
Agile PMO – Three is the Magic Number
Bagel Theory
PMO Principles
Epics and Sprints
We Don’t Close – We Change and Evolve – Beyond the Tricky Third Year
Tailoring the PMO
Growing Up Portfolio Management Style
Flip the Switch

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