International PMO Day takes place on the second Tuesday in May each year. In 2024 it fell on Tuesday 14th May 2024


International PMO Day took place for the second time on the 14th May 2024. It is a day all about highlighting, promoting, appreciating, and celebrating PMOs in organizations today. You can find out more about it on the International PMO Day website.

The House of PMO celebrated in several different ways, including a live session which focused on Communities of Practice, visits to corporate members and video messages for PMO teams who had requested them for their own get togethers.

Some great team photos were shared across social media which showed how PMO practitioners were celebrating. It was also an opportunity to namecheck those working hard in their PMOs. The gallery over on the International PMO Day website gives a sense of just how vibrant the activity was on social media.

A lot of the messages and sharing are also a great way to market the PMO to the wider organisation and to the wider world. A chance to show what the PMO does and the people behind the scenes.

Here’s some of the things from the day that we loved.

Team Photos

Messages for Team Members

Sometimes it’s just a simple message, to call out PMO team members and give some thanks. Recognition and a pat on the back goes a long way.



We liked PWC’s approach as well, sharing what their PMO team members enjoyed about working in PMO:


Sharing Valuable Information


Any kind of resources which are useful to PMO professionals gets our vote. Like Free eBook Downloads, like this one from IPMA, a Reference Guide ICB4 for PMO”:

Over at Green Project Management, they shared insights from the new whitepaper which you can download here

Green Project Management


Creating Videos


Some PMO professionals got more creative which was brilliant to see, here’s team sharing their day in the life.


Day in the Life

We even shared our own thoughts at the beginning of the day:


And shared one of the sessions we had previously done with APMG International, recorded the week before, timed to share with the PMO community on this special day:


APMG International



And plenty of messages to people working in PMOs – from those working in PMO as well, or others within the organisation:

Happy International PMO day to all my PMO friends, colleagues and peers out there. Here’s to everything you do and the help you bring to the entire team. Often under appreciated or overlooked, you rock! #intlPMOday


Today (14th May) is International PMO Day.
If you’re working in a PMO, do have a great day.

If you’re working as part of a Portfolio, Programme or Project and rely ( yes, I said rely ) on your PMO – then show them some love today.


One of the benefits of being part of a high functioning PMO is the opportunity to learn from diverse project managers leading a variety of projects which by their very nature are unique.

The diversity of projects and the unique challenges they present allow project managers to gain insights, learn from best practices, and enhance their skills.

By leveraging the collective wisdom stored in the PMO, project managers can navigate complexities, anticipate potential pitfalls, and make informed decisions.

This collaborative approach fosters resilience within the organization’s projects, ultimately contributing to successful outcomes.

Shout out to Heller Consulting‘s PMO team on today the International PMO Day.


So what next for International PMO Day?

The next date for celebrations is Tuesday 13th May 2025 – make sure you save the date and get involved.

If you or your PMO would like to be more actively involved in International PMO Day, get in touch and express your interest. We are always interested in new, bigger and better ways we can champion the PMO community and you can take an active role in that.