New collaboration aims to support PMO practitioners across the NHS


The House of PMO and the Healthcare Project and Change Association (HPCA) launched their new partnership in October 2023 which will provide PMO professionals working in the NHS today with a PMO network and community to support their professional development and help promote PMO as a change profession across the NHS.


HPCA, the professional association for project, programme, portfolio and change management practitioners working in the NHS today have partnered with the House of PMO to provide NHS-based PMO practitioners with all the benefits from the House of PMO membership.


PMO practitioners will have access a wide range of career-enhancing opportunities such as training and development, events, career resources and access to a dedicated NHS PMO network and community of practice.


Anyone working in PMO within the NHS can become part of the PMO network – through HPCA membership or House of PMO membership.


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Join the NHS PMO Network


Individual PMO Practitioners


There are a number of different ways you can become a part of your NHS PMO network.

As an individual you can subscribe to HPCA today and extend your subscription by using the exclusive NHS employee discount to join the House of PMO.


Discounts Available


Individual discounts for annual House of PMO membership are:


  • Online Membership (£105.00 discounted from £125.00 ex VAT) save 16%
  • Full Membership  (£145.00 discounted from £175.00 ex VAT) save 17%



Organisation Level Membership


There are a number of different ways your organisation can become a part of the NHS PMO network.


If your organisation is a member of the HPCA, as an additional benefit you may be able to access corporate membership to the House of PMO.


A limited number of House of PMO corporate memberships will be assigned based on your organisation, Trust, or ICS’s HPCA membership.


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Who are HPCA?

The HPCA was established in 2022, building on the NHS Project Futures community of practice which was established in 2017. HPCA are the Healthcare Project and Change Association – focused on creating new futures in the NHS and health and care (Health and Care because ICS and ICB’s are the way of the future which integrate across NHS and social care) for project, programme, portfolio and change management practitioners.


HPCA supports the development and upskilling of the project and change community in the NHS and health and care. It achieves this through capability frameworks; conferences, workshops, apprenticeship schemes, webinars, podcasts, and learning and development opportunities.

 “With the launch of the HPCA we will be at the forefront of a movement to ensure that we as project and change professionals are recognised as being key to the restoration, recovery and sustainability of our NHS”.

Gareth Nicholls, Head of Programme Management Office, University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust

Who are House of PMO?


Established in 2013, the House of PMO was launched to provide a home for PMO practitioners to help develop themselves, support the development of others and contribute to the development of the PMO profession.


The House of PMO is a professional body which provides guidance and support through the creation of standards, generating resources, hosting events and conferences, condusting studies and research, providing a platform to talk and exchange, creating training opportunities and publishing content and works.


The House of PMO supports anyone working in PMO today.

 “With the backing of the PMO community, we’re confident that we can realise the vision of seeing the PMO becoming a recognised profession.”

Lindsay Scott and Eileen Roden, Co-Founders

Ready to Join Your NHS PMO Network?

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HPCA and House of PMO Launch Event


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